Divided opinion as fans debate over the ‘new Sky Sports camera angle’ during Arsenal vs Brentford

Sky Sports had an alternative camera angle for Arsenal’s visit of Brentford on Saturday evening.

new Sky Sports camera angle for Arsenal vs Brentford has caused an almighty divide amongst fans online.

English Premier league leaders Arsenal are hosting Brentford at the Emirates Stadium in the 5:30 Saturday kick-off, with the clash shown live on Sky.

But the broadcaster elected to provide an alternative option for viewers tuning in for the contest.

On the Sky Sports football channel, those tuning in had access to ‘Game Mode’, a service delivered from a BatCam camera which moves up and down a rail to tracks the action from side-to-side.

The visuals are akin to something you would normally see in a football video game, with the idea being to enhance the viewing experience.

It was first trialled in a Women’s Super League game between Arsenal and Liverpool, before it received a big debut in the Gunners’ win over champions Manchester City in October.

Speaking beforehand, Sky Sports’ director of production, Phil Marshall, said the company believes the mode “has great potential when it comes to in-game innovation”.

Those watching on Sky Sports Premier League or Sky Sports Main Event had the traditional camera angle, meaning it was merely a different option.

And typically, the technology split opinions – with some enjoying the mode and others feeling sick while watching.

One fan wrote: “Nah get this camera angle off @SkySports.

A second said: “What on earth is this camera angle!? Bloody awful.”

A third agreed: “What the f**k is the camera on sky sports football, looks woeful.”

But another commented: “This Game Mode camera is legit. Shout out to Sky Sports.”

A fifth reacted: “I like this new camera view option for the Arsenal game on Sky Sports Football. It’s like watching a game of Pro Evo lol.”

A final user posted: “Can we have the old camera angle back please, this new one is awful, feel sea sick..”

Arsenal went 1-0 up in the 19th minute courtesy of another goal from summer signing Declan Rice.
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