Searching for ‘Remote Jobs’ at Google You Can Apply for in March 2024

Working remotely is the dream for a lot of job seekers, and getting to do so at Google would definitely sweeten the deal.

If you got used to working from home during the pandemic, heading back into the office can be brutal. The long commutes, the grey-walled cubicles, and that mystery smell coming from the break room can be enough to make even the happiest employee want to find another job.

Fortunately, there are plenty of remote jobs out there to choose from, you just have to know where to look. We’d recommend checking out our various guides to remote jobs in 2024, because we’ll help you find lucrative roles at companies like Microsoft and Walmart.

In this particular guide, we’re focused on Google, the search engine tech giant, and the many remote eligible positions available to job seekers in 2024.

Fully Remote Google Jobs Still Open in March 2024

Unlike some businesses, Google has still embraced the remote role option for its business, although at the end of the day, your manager is going to get the final say. Subsequently, the roles listed below, as well as the 90 other positions available on the Google career page, are listed as “remote eligible,” which means they’re certainly worth a look if you want to work from home.

You may notice that each job listing comes with a location to go along with it. This is where the role is based, but if you are looking for something completely remote that may not matter. However, if you’re looking for a potentially hybrid option, you might want to look at least a bit closer to home.

It’s also worth noting that the Google career page has a bunch of features you can use to make your search a bit easier. You’ll be able filter positions based on experience, qualifications, degree required, job types, organizations, and data of vacancy, so you should be able to find something that fits exactly what you need if the above list doesn’t do the trick.

Should You Work Remotely?

Yes, remote work can be a huge benefit for employees. It allows for a lot of flexibility and can have a positive impact on mental health. However, the employee perk definitely isn’t for everyone, as there are some obvious pitfalls that can hamper productivity and wreak havoc on your work-life balance.

For starters, distractions at home are no joke. If you find it difficult to focus when the lure of your TV, your smartphone, or your gaming console is strong, you may reconsider the value of remote work in your professional life. Additionally, some remote roles require you to be constantly available, which means that any off time will now have the fog of lost productivity hovering over you. Even worse, some managers overlook remote workers for promotions, so your advancement in the company could be hindered.

Earnestly, remote work is a huge boon for a lot of workers, but simply put, there are some people that it just doesn’t work out for, so make sure you know the pitfalls before applying to one of these roles.

Is Remote Work Bad for Productivity?

Just because remote work isn’t for every individual employee, doesn’t mean that offering it at your business is a bad idea. Yes, big businesses like Dell and Amazon have begun forcing employees back to work, but that shows more of a lack of insight than a data-driven trend.

While you may be concerned about productivity dips, the reality is that making this kind of flexible work arrangement available to your employees has been shown to provide nothing but benefits across the board. In our Impact of Technology on the Workplace report, we found a wide range of statistics that show the benefits of remote work for businesses.

For one, our research found that businesses offering remote work options for employees (64%) reported higher productivity than those that don’t (54%). Even better, businesses were able to save money ($11,000 per year) for every half-time remote work on their staff.

All that to say, remote work may not be right for a particular employee, but when it comes to businesses making decision for their team, it’s always better to provide options that make life a bit easier. If your manager is being a stick in the mud, maybe we can help you convince your boss to let you work from home.

Searching for ‘Remote Jobs’ at Google You Can Apply for in March 2024 — Continued

How to Apply for Fully Remote Jobs at Google

We’ll be the first to admit that job hunting can be hard, but hopefully we gave you a good place to start, particularly given that the remote eligible jobs at Google are easy to apply to. Simply head over to the Google careers page — or click on the links above — and you’ll be able to fill out all the necessary information for landing the work from home job of your dreams.

If these roles aren’t a good fit, or if you’re looking for something else entirely, have no fear. has a wide range of helpful employment guides that can help you find everything from jobs with 4-day work weeks to AI jobs with no qualifications. @